The Sissy Hub

The Definitive Girly Content and Material Hub

If you have page/blog/tumblr with great sissification content, or know of one that you think should be listed here please do get in touch.

(Note: This is a long term project to create the most expansive sissy resource index. As such, it is a work in progress and nowhere close to complete. Watch this space! xoxo)

Retail Therapy

  1. Oxy-Shop – An amazing one stop shop for all your fetish needs, and best of all with unbeatable prices. Check it out! With worldwide shipping being free for orders $50 and over, and $5 off orders over $30 using code SISSY5OFF, this can’t be missed!
  2. SissyLover – Sissy training academy with a well implemented crossdresser store. Buy your first sissy outfit and immediately enrol in your first sissy training.
  3. House of Denial – UK based chastity store
  4. eBay – Has everything you will ever need for bargain costs. Happy binging.
  5. Be A Bimbo – Bimbo based apparel. Great for avid bimbo aspirers!

Pornsites and Hypnosis material

  1. Hypno Tube – The best porn tube site dedicated on sissy hypno
  2. CapStorys – A collection of very entrancing, sexy and addictive caption stories in video format too! So many options, delve in whatever takes your fancy
  3. Sissy Tumblr Collection – 114,000 downloadable Sissy Gifs and Captions
  4. VR SIDE BY SIDE Hypno Playlist – Use your smartphone or any VR device, and a VR headset that can be as low as $20 to watch a playlist of your favourite Hypnos in 2D VR. Extremely entertaining and addictive, though this playlist compiles all of them into one convenient place! (All credits to /u/newperson6au)
  5. CrossdresserHub – Delicious amateur crossdresser porn
  6. Ashemaletube – Because Pornhub is so last year
  7. Sissyhypno Video Index – Ultimate collection of sissy hypno porn.
  8. WarpMyMind – A dedicated audio hypnosis site
  9. Mistress Stella Hypnosis – Exclusive hypnosis material by Mistress Stella
  10. – 8ch Hypno based forum. Sharing and discussing every kind of hypnos, ranging from the feminisation basics to the very obscure.
  11. – Sissy hypnosis based platform

Girly Communities and Social Platforms

  1. Sissy Social – Ultra girly online community for sissies to discuss and interact.
  2. Club Sissy – A sissy community and feminisation hub
  3. /r/sissyhypno – Subreddit for sissy hypnos with a vibrant and active community of both sissies and content creators.
  4. BimboSissies – A subreddit made for sissies who are specifically devoted to the bimbo life.
  5. BDSLMR – A Tumblr alternative webpage for all things kinky and pornographic
  6. NewFapChan Girly – 4chan style sissy board

Discord Channels (New)

Please contact me to have your Discord featured here

  1. Bambi Cult – Bambi hypnosis community for aspiring bimbo sluts and bimbo admirers
  2. Lady Jaynes Training – Channel for sissies to train themselves in becoming better, sluttier more devoted sissies.
  3. Sissification Project – Aims to develop and embrace sissification development and inspiration
  4. TransGoneWild – Official discord for /r/traps and /r/transgonewild
  5. TrapWorld – A discord community for traps to communicate, level up their game, collect its unique currency to further your trap profile.
  6. ShibbySays – A channel for sissies devoted to the feminisation hypnosis of /u/KinkyShibby including taking part in her live recordings.

Crossdressing / Feminisation / Sissy Guides

  1. PinkFemme – An amazing and dedicated site to MTF feminisation, teaching you a broad span of femininity, see how you can develop and even learn essence of being femme, this is a must for anyone interested in being enfemme from the large and down to the little details.
  2. Feminization Secrets – The ultimate resource for true MTF feminisation and crossdressing guidance.
  3. CrossdressingMe Tumblr – An aptly described “tasteful” collection of crossdressers looking absolutely gorgeous. Great for fashion inspiration and guidance, motivation, and quite simply GOALS to fit any sissies wadrobe!
  4. Mary Willows / Orgasms – Hands free and prostate orgasm guidance and info
  5. How to Clean Your Ass – As the name suggests. Not the sexy part, but its the necessary part.
  6. HandsFreeOrgasm – Great resource in learning and achieving the ‘sissygasm’.
  7. Bimbo Academy Germany – Bimbofication based guidance. Includes fantastic infographs for those who are into ‘Bimbofiction’. (Note: this is not a sissy page, it’s for bimbofication – which is a separate interest. This is helpful for sissies who are also interested in becoming “bimbos” as well)
  8. Crossdressers Forum – Vast crossdressing community and support network for family and friends.
  9. SubmissiveGuide – Guidance for being a better, happier and more useful sub


  1. Locked in Lace – A great site tjat has a vast wealth of sissy related content to see, learn, explore and interact with. This website also has interactive games as well as courses in becoming a better subservient sissy bitch, amongst other things too. This site will keep you occupied for a very long time!
  2. Sissy Test – Determine how much of a slutty sexy sissy girl you truly are in this fun and kinky questionnaire.
  3. FapRoulette – A fun way to plan your next sissy playtime. A roulette game that determines your fap time.
  4. Second Life – A large online community popular amongst the LGBT crowd. Create an online girly persona, meet new people, join kinky groups. The options are endless (note: this is a large game and will take time to properly get going)
  5. Sissy University – Major in sissification with this interactive, well thought out university designed for sissies. (Also included in interactive)
  6. Novagirl – Fun quizzes and tests to learn more about yourself
  7. Super Deepthroat 2 – Idle away the hours by doing nothing else but sucking cock. What else could a sissy ask for?
  8. Undertow Club – Adult flash games and modding community. Huge modding community for Super Deepthroat in particular. Now you can replicate your sissy self as well as suck lots of dick. With a penis mod.
  9. Gooninator v2 – A great tool to turn your favourite sissy Tumblr pages into slideshows of your desired speed. Great tool for sissy time as well as leaving in the background for reinforced sissyness.
  10. Babe/Cock Memory Test – A great game for developing your mental acuity skills… at least until you find yourself suddently dizzy and confused with an insatiable need for cock.
  11. Throat Heaven 1 & 2 – Train your throat as the dick gagging cum hole it deserves to be! Instructional deepthroating game involving lots of spitting and devoted cock sucking ambition. (Note: this has a heavy spit fetish aspect!)
  12. Throat Heaven 3 – More rewardingly eye tearing throat stretching trainer on a dice based levelling through system. Careful sissy, if you mess up punishments await.
  13. Deepthroat Trainer – Instructional and simple oral dildo play. However, don’t think this one will give your throat any less of a forceful treat!
  14. Milovana – Webtease with strong sissy themes.
  15. tfgamessite – Many HTML based feminisation and sex games (playable in browser). Most popular ones being TrapQuest and Perverted Education.
  16. Jennifer in Control – online domination camming with AI and possibly real people
  17. OneSubmissiveAct – Receiving and giving submissive acts
  18. – More fun sissy commands and games to play


  1. SissyFactory – Sissy hypnosis and behaviour modification
  2. Sissy Hypnosis Club – An exemplary sissy blog with lots of content ranging from hypno videos, school training, interactive polls, a sizable sissy gallery and lots of naughty articles.
  3. – God tier sissy captions
  4. SissyRulez – More god tier captions
  5. Sissy Girl Sanctuary – Exploring sissyhood in a whole new direction. A place for sissies to be inspired and stay motivated to be their best sissy selves 🙂
  6. SissyFitBecki – A unique sissy Tumblr with a fitness based theme and sissification guidance.
  7. Anna Malice Sissy Self Hypnosis (OLD) – Sissy nostalgia. A great blog for sissies to enjoy and learn form
  8. Diary of a Prissy Sissy – A fun personal sissy blog with tonnes of girly material, tasks, ideas and inspiration to enjoy.

Sissification Training

  1. Bambi Sleep – Immensely powerful audio hypnosis. The key theme is on becoming a dumb bimbo sexdoll. (For the hardcore sissies that want to take it to the next level)
  2. Sissy University – Major in sissification with this interactive, well thought out university designed for sissies. (Also included in interactive)
  3. SissyLover – Sissy training academy with a well implemented crossdresser store. Buy your first sissy outfit and immediately enrol in your first sissy training.
  4. House of Sissify – Strict sissy training & forced feminization for transgendered sluts


  1. FetLife – Social network site for BDSM and nearly every other fetishes and kinks out there (including sissification).
  2. SISSIFICATION PROJECT Map – A world map with sissies (or doms) to fuck, play with, or befriend, potentially.
  3. /r/sissypersonals – Subreddit for sissies, doms and mistresses to hookup.
  4. /r/sissykik – Find your perfect stranger to get down and dirty on Kik
  5. SissyMeet – Sissy dating site

Writings and Literature

  1. SissyRulez: First Sissy Steps – Take your sissy game up a level and follow these sissy steps and find out if you’re really the slut you think you are (remember to visit part two and the advanced level steps).
  2. Sissy Girl Sanctuary (Writings)- A place of guidance and self discovery as we delve further into the world of sissy psychology and aim to spread positivity
  3. /r/Sissyology – A subreddit aiming to explore and understand a deeper understanding of Sissyhood

Support / Help

  1. GenderCare – Online therapy support for gender dysphoria, noncomformity etc
  2. Transiness – Support for trans and intersex people
  3. NoFap / YourBrainOnPorn – Porn addiction (However I highly recommend you read this instead!)
  4. This Blog – the Sissy Girl Sanctuary is here to for sissy inspiration and positivity sharing. As such, our main goals is to bring upon a healthier outlook on living the sissy life and give sissies a chance for self-acceptance and happiness. I strongly advise to follow this page if you struggle with your sissy feelings and read our current sissy writings which had already helped many readers immensely! And I will never stop in my pursuit to spread positivity for Sissy Girls, with plenty more content on the way.

Sissy Profile

To be developed. Links to your sissy profiles and pictures only for those who want to be featured! (Contact here if you want yourself sissy self featured)


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