A Great Write-Up by u/Sissy-Sophia: “Unsure if you should commit to the sissy lifestyle? Ask yourself these questions first”

A Great Write-Up by u/Sissy-Sophia: “Unsure if you should commit to the sissy lifestyle? Ask yourself these questions first”

All credits goes to Sissy-Sophia and her wonderful enlightening work in r/Sissyology, a subreddit dedicated to the thoughtful and introspective discussion on the nature of sissyhood. Link to the actual post here so please do show her some love and appreciation and perhaps add into the discussion. Personally, I think this is one of the best write up in gauging the safety of incorporating sissification into your life, and that every single aspect should be considered with utmost honesty and truth to yourself and your wellbeing, as well as those that care for you.

1. Are your sissy desires compatible or incompatible with your masculine desires?

Examples of compatible desires:

  • Your sissy side wants to exercise and lose weight; your masculine side wants to exercise and lose weight.
  • Your sissy side wants to seek out dominant women; your masculine side prefers submissive women but is also fine with dominant women.
  • Your sissy side wants to engage in solo dressing and anal play during your alone time; your masculine side wants to be more dominant during your time with your girlfriend/wife.
  • Your sissy side wants to crossdress and engage in anal play; your masculine side doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t take up lots of time or money and is not damaging to your health.

Examples of incompatible desires:

  • Your sissy side wants to shrink your dick and keep it permanently limp; your masculine side wants a large rock-hard penis.
  • Your sissy side wants to expose your face and identity online as a sissy slut; your masculine side is concerned this will negatively impact your career prospects and social life.
  • Your sissy side wants to have sex with men; your masculine side does not want to cheat on your loving girlfriend/wife.
  • Your sissy side wants a dominant master; your masculine side does not want this.

If your desires are compatible, you might consider becoming a sissy. If they’re incompatible, however, you should seriously think about which desire is stronger, and also which is more valuable or important to you. Afterwards, follow the desire you find stronger as well as more personally important to you.2. Do you feel intense shame or disgust after cumming to sissy fantasies, or not so much?

You may feel intense disgust or shame after cumming, or you may just be mildly annoyed or bored. You may not even care at all, or be just as excited as you were before cumming. If you do not feel intense shame or disgust, you might consider becoming a sissy.

If you do feel shame or disgust, however, this suggests an incompatibility between your sissy and masculine desires. Of course, sometimes this can be resolved by getting over social hang-ups and anxiety. Other times, however, it is more of an innate and unchanging reaction. If the latter is the case, you can still engage in sissy desires and fantasies, but you should likely not fully commit to becoming a sissy if it will cause you mental distress.3. Are your sissy desires ultimately beneficial to you, neutral, or harmful?

Examples of potential beneficial effects:

A healthier lifestyle due to exercising, eating better, and taking better care of your skin and hygiene.

More good friends, met online or in IRL sissy activities.

More fun, from crossdressing, anal play, safe sex with doms or sissies, etc.

Examples of potential harmful effects:

Staying up late and losing sleep by looking at porn, or neglecting work and social activities.

Lowered self-esteem or self-image.

Practicing unsafe sex with strangers.

If you find that your sissy desires have beneficial or neutral effects, you might consider becoming a sissy. However, if your sissy desires result in harmful effects, you should find ways to fix or else stop those harmful activities. Try to find a way to satisfy your desires without causing harm to your everyday life.

Thanks for reading. I know this post is more serious than usual for this sub, but the question “Should I become a sissy?” get asked a lot and deserves a serious response. Only you can answer that question, and only through long reflection on your own wants and needs. In all things seek balance, and choose the solution that will lead to success and happiness in your daily life, and healthy relationships with others.

If you find your sissy desires harmful or incompatible with your other desires, you may want to check out r/TGandSissyRecovery

Written by Sissy-Sophia
Is Bambi’s Hypnosis Safe (For Me)? (Part 2)

Is Bambi’s Hypnosis Safe (For Me)? (Part 2)

The official page and download links available at BambiSleep.blogspot.com/

The good, the bad, and the dangerous. What should one do that are curious in delving into this bimbo fantasy?

In the last post regarding Bambi Bimbo Hypnosis, we covered the general purpose, attraction and primary circumstances concerning the prominent role Bambi has adopted as a figure of femininising allure captivating the sissy community.

The last part of this analysis I endevoured to once again delve into analysing the effects, the consequences, the potentialities and in the end the way in which Bambi Audio hypnosis must be approached, in every manner of the way. Whilst some may truly desire to completely be taken by an alternate bimbo persona, because they truly wish to be that in every aspect of their regular lives, others tread wary, unsure where the boundaries lie.

These ones are tempted, perhaps intesively and passionately tempted, and even do induldge as far as they can handle whilst being able to retreat if need be. This is due to the fears that most regular people will certainly face. Worries of a changing personality, addiction, “tulpa” forms, or simply falling to deep; both liable to jeapordise there interpesonal and family lives.

“Is it Safe”? in short, yes. Bambi Audio Hypnosis is perfectly capable to join your hypnotic feminisation regimen, without interfering too unsafe with your mental wellbeing and outside lives.

Part 1 (Is Bambi Hypnosis Safe for Me?)

And whilst I make this claim, I do so with full acknowledgement that this claim is one that is bold and highly optimistic, but nevertheless entirely possible. I do not dare claim that Bambi hypnosis is entirely safe, as it is upon the subject to experiment with her hypnosis with the right moderation. Bambi’s Bimbo Hypnosis can just as well be terribly damaging to both ones mental wellbeing as well as their general day-to-day welfare. Thus I have outlined in short the basic consensus regarding safe practice;

The Key to Right Practice
The nature in which its practiced, your personal boundaries (or lack thereof), your personal desires as a sissy and your desires outside of sexual gratificiation. Then consider whether you are mentally fit for practice. If not, it is very possible to slip down a path that is destructive and ultimately detrimental to your mental health - this will determine whether you are indulging for sexual expression or toxic self deprecation.

Determining whether Bambi practice is for you one must understand the benefits and dangers of Bambi hypno:


  1. Experience is made to be blissful and euphoric. Enhances feelings of submissive sexuality in a way that is relaxing and sedating.
  2. Cements a Femme alter-ego. This aids in those who struggle to seperate their understanding between themselves as a sissy and when they’re not currently being a sissy.
  3. The Zen like experience from “mindless” and “numb” bimbofication experienced in the present attunes one to serene sense of relief and refuge, akin to the practice of meditation. By shutting off the brains desire for wordly materials, Bambi concentrates on a single desire; being a slut to cock. All other desires, worries, concerns are in that time completely non-existent. This is similar to Buddhist-like notions of seperating onself from worldly things to achieve inner peace (meditation being that form of seperation.)
  4. Is not in anyway mean, sexually abusive, overly aggresive to the point of turn offs. Many sissies have their own person turn offs ranging from black cock to cuckolding, to being called “faggot” or given comments about their “failures as a man or being able to please women” as many sissy contents assert this idea of inherent inferiority. Bambi hypnosis does not roam into these themes. It is solely concerned with transformation into the ultra femme and thirsty slut for cock.
  5. It is unisex, therefore no mentions of things like vagina/cock to differiente genders. Therefore suitable for everyone, makes most sexual references based on sucking cock and fucking your pussy, without specifically mentioning vaginal references that can break the immersion.


  1. Like anything sexually gratifying, it is another form of heavy dopamine release. Bambi Hypno, like most porn, can be destructively addictive. If left uncontrolled, it can interfere with your daily responsibilities, especially trigger words. It can desensitive you into delving further into pornographic needs hitherto you were once unconformfatble with.
  2. Creation of a tulpa; A tulpa is a entirely created person borne out of your imagination and thoughts. They exist as a different entity but only present to you mentally. This is a controversial aspect that can dangerous. With links to schizophrenic disorder, dysphoria, experience of delusions and delusional thinking. Read more about Tulpas here.
  3. Trancing is an intergral part to make Bambi hypnosis effective. For some this can be very difficult to do, others it may be very easy. Those that may find it impossible may use the consumption of substances to enhance the mindstate into trance-like culpability. These range from nicotine, alcohol (in moderate amounts, just to loosen your nerves), poppers. However many Bambi’s go on to stray further into the illicit side of substances.
  4. Trigger words can interrupt and disturb daily life. Once Bambi is extremely well trained and hypnotically subservient in a psychological level, trigger words are exttremely powerful and manifest in genuine emotional receptiveness. This can be especially dangerous in the work place or other inappropiate areas if a trigger word may potentially come up and you are trained to a point of extreme sensitivity to its arousal.
  5. It may change your personality. Bambi, whilst able to enable you to create an entirely seperative female persona, it may well do the opposite and actually come to make strong changes to your overall personality. Thus affecting the way you think, feel, desire and most of all act. It may give you compulsive behaviours you do not want but cannot help in doing. Others report of the IQ degradation files having a genuine effect on ones IQ related abilities (e.g ability to process information and understanding to a competent degree). Further to this all, Bambi can simply enrapture your entire being, which may not be whats best for you (unless you truly desire that change).

What Precautions to Follow:

In lew of this, many of the positive facets can be sustained whilst the negative aspects can be diminished by following a strict standard of rules. These are rules I strongly advise following, and it has made my experience as Bambi entirely positive in many aspects (experience report following)


  1. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR UNIFORM. No ifs or buts. The more extensive, tight feeling and sexy; the better. Bambi hypnosis specifically ties your persona upon the subjects “Bambi Uniform” so as to strictly lock you into that person, distinguishing it as much as possible to the non-bimbo “old-self”. To ensure maximum seperation between the wordly self and the erotic bimbo persona, I highly advise at the very least a wig, panties, bra (padded), stockings/knee-highs and makeup (lipstick/eyeliner/foundation preferably). People ask whether being just naked or with a pair of panties would be enough; which technically it could. However the point is to distinguish the way you feel in order for your mind to adapt between different personas, the less effort in your uniform – the blurrier those lines become. This rule is non-negotiable.
  2. ARRANGE YOUR TIME FOR BAMBI AND SET LIMITS. To keep a safe distance between eroticism and personal responsibilities, it’s important to take time to become Bambi when it’s appropiate. IF you find yourself cancelling plans, taking time off work, or anything else that made Bambi inconvenience real world obligations; then you are becoming dependent and irresponsible and have lost control.
  3. UNDERSTAND THAT BAMBI IS A SEPERATE, UNIQUE ENTITY OF ITS OWN. This could be best performed by viewing Bambi as bimbo for your pleasure. Give her time to develop, treat her with new uniform, enjoy a good dicking, and simultanously enjoy the pleasure you’re feeling as you “please” Bambi. The Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy complex is a fascinating theme commonly discussed in the Bambi Cult Discord, where you treat your Bimbo, your inner femme, and Bambi will treat you back. This develops a healthy dynamic which reinforces the vastly different traits between the two personalities.
  4. RESEARCH THE AUDIO FILES BEFORE YOU START, IF YOURE NOT COMFORTABLE THEN ITS FINE TO SKIP IT. You are completely free to not engage in them if you’re not comfortable with its individual purposes without fear of missing out on anything. The creator makes a comprehensive and thoughtful detailling of every file and the triggers it will aim to develop. For example I am not a huge fan of the IQ reduction files, or Fucktoy submission. The former I avoid entirely and the latter I sometimes trance with moderation in mind, as it is quite a lot more powerful than other files.
  5. ALLOCATE AND PLAN TIMES, HYPNOSIS MAY REQUIRE HOURS! Always go in with the understanding that these files can easily eat up many hours, and then a few more hours just to slowly start adapting to your regular life without your brain feeling fuzzy with ideas of cock and blonde bimbo mantras leaking into your other side. It gets both easier and longer to fully remove oneself from Bambi’s uniform.
  6. UNDERSTAND HYPNOSIS IS NOT PERMANENT. Whilst the audio files makes a heavy emphasis on permanent transformation and complete loss of control, it is simply untrue. HOWEVER, what is true is erotically dependent addiction, which can drastically affect your life. Take into consideration whether you are mentally prepared to handle addictive activities responsibly, then take it into consideration again. You do not have to commit to the idea that you may possibly bimbofy yourself forever (although that would be ideal if you wanted that), but you do have to commit to the idea that what you’re doing is addictive in nature and act accordingly.
  7. FOLLOW THE OFFICIAL FAQ. Trancing effectively is a trained effort and you cannot really experience Bambi without the proper mindset and attitude set forward.

Like with anything in sissy culture and pastimes, the dopaminic release inherent is likely to cause an addiction, functionally similar as cocaine, speed, or even smoking cigarette and weed. We may enjoy them, but whilst cocaine and other drugs are significantly more expensive to abuse then Bambi hypnosis is, you are vulnerable to the easy access of Bambi. Going to Bambi if you’re having a bad week, or you’re stressed, anxious etc, will lead to a dependency of Bambi as a helping hand to your life problems.. I have always said this, always treat things like this as an addition to your life, not a hindrance. Because enriching your life with your sexuality, and the untold pleasure of indulging as a bimbo, is a blessing to admire. But addiction, over indulgence, dependency, and recklessness is a sure fire way to truly damage your mental wellbeing.



Since I have decided that my posts should be shorter, and simpler, than a big long essay that could be a wearisome ordeal to read and understand the text in full. I will finish the final part of the Bambi series in part 3; Being Bambi – How to integrate Bambi into our lives safely and most of all enjoyably! This is based on my experiences as an avid Bambi, with all the trials and tribulations of such a journey, and ultimately being happy to report that yes, I can induldge deeply into Bambi’s hypnotic audio, and have an avid and erotic passion for it, without the detrimental effects upon my personal life whatsoever. These will be the key means in which I had learnt to maintain this comfortably, and I can’t wait to impart my experiences and lessons to you guys!

Thank you! Please feel welcome to comment any and all questions you may have!

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Is Bambi Sleep Safe (For Me)? – The controversial bimbo hypnosis that is taking the sissy world by storm! (Part 1 of 2)

Is Bambi Sleep Safe (For Me)? – The controversial bimbo hypnosis that is taking the sissy world by storm! (Part 1 of 2)

Bambi Sleep is a popular erotic hypnosis series that has captivated the sissy community by a landslide. This years winner for 2019’s Sissy Hypno Awards. It is a free audio hypnosis, shared to the world by an unknown author. It’s fair to say that the generally agreed upon consensus is that it is unequivocally powerful and undeniably effective by the many sissies who have tried it. To those sissies still on the fence, or have not quite yet delved upon it well enough, Bambi Sleep is also widely known for its elusive nature, and the extent to which it can alter the subjects within a level deeper than their comfort zone. Being both a feminization powerhouse and a subject of controversy and curiosity, it is understandable why many sissies hold concerns on whether they should try it, or if they already have, how deeply can they manage to continue further. Thus, I have taken upon myself to write this article of Bambi Sleep through observation, both on myself as I join the world of Bambi self-hypnosis and the experiences of other “Bambi’s”, including the variety of differently ranging ways they have incorporated Bambi into their sissy lives.

To answer your question…

Let’s begin first by answering the prime question; “Is it Safe”? in short, yes. Bambi Audio Hypnosis is perfectly capable to join your hypnotic feminisation regimen, without interfering too unsafe with your mental wellbeing and outside lives.

That said, the latter end of the question “For Me?” needs further examination and understanding.

The nature in which its practiced, your own personal boundaries (or lack thereof), your desires as a sissy and whether you are mentally fit for practice must be properly considered. If not, it is very possible to slip down a path that is mentally destructive and ultimately self-consuming.

Going forward, I also hope to delve upon the effects of hypnotic training and bimbofication, the concept of “tulpa’s” and alter-ego’s in general, what it is that attracts those to Bimbofication specifically and, finally, how to go about Bambi hypnosis in a way best suited to you – particularly those who do not desire to be permanently altered, dumbed-down, or have their erotic hobby manifest in any way beyond their sexual lives. Infact, I believe that with the CORRECT understanding, with RIGHT practice; Bambi Sleep in many ways could improve your life both from a sissy perspective as well of your own mentality outside of it.

What is Bambi Sleep?

Bambi Sleep is entirely concerned with total bimbofication; whereupon the general aim is to adopt the bimbo girly girl persona of Bambi. Bambi herself is a Bimbo, she is a personality that you adopt. As such, this is a hypnosis which is universal, not made for sissies specifically. Infact, It is made to accomodate anybody that embraces the ultra feminine “girly girl” persona, this includes cis girls, transwomen and sissies. This alone enhances the feminising aspect of Bambi, since at no given point are you made to be reminded or encouraged as a transwoman, a non-binary, sissy nor a crossdresser, at all. Your are but one thing only. You ARE Bambi – a slutty and girly dumb bimbo fuck doll.

Further to this is the utterly sexual aspect that Bambi epitomizes. The evocatively ultra-feminized power slut prowess. She is entirely submissive, yearns only for cock, desires only to please cock and look sexy, slutty, and induce the swelling attention and erections of men in being so. She characterizes a naive, simple, ditzy girly girl – with a primary desire of filling her every orifice deeply and rigidly to the pleasure of herself and the cocks that use her as they please, a sex toy. Bambi’s life is one of complete submission to please deliciously enrapturing cocks.

As this entails her sole desire, the subjects only concern becomes that only which helps aid her need to pleasure cock; a harmless and carefree passion. Bambi’s embracement in her submission as a “mindless” and “dumb” bimbo is the prime factor in making her the perfect vessel in pleasing wild, horny, tempered penetrative shafts of relentless cocks that squeeze into the depth of Bambi’s gagging breathless throat, and pound Bambi’s tight, wet pussy into a gaping sore hole. Her needs, responsibilities and concerns is therefore rendered to just one sole obligation in life; acceptance to her place under the regime of pleasing cock. Its easy to see why being Bambi is such an alluring fantasy to explore; she is too dumb to worry about the burden of worldy responsibilities and obligations, so she is only useful for the means of erecting and stimulating dick, and she pursues her sole purpose in life by looking as an overtly and quintescentially feminine sexy slut; making her essentially pretty and beautiful in many ways.

So Bambi Sleep hypnotises you into someone that is; A) carefree and unhinged by restrictive world of adulthood, B) Knows exactly where her purpose and desires lie, and the pursuit of which (sucking cock and getting fucked up her ass) is in itself immensely pleasurable. And finally C) She achieves this all by religiously maintaining and developing her beauty. Something that is both pleasing to those she serves and to herself (After all, everyone loves feeling beautiful). So, as bizarre as it may seem to those foriegn to the concept of even sexual submission, for sissies the dots are fairly easy to line together in understanding where and how exactly being a “dumb, mindless, ditzy and slutty cock zombie” really enables a sissy to genuinely relax into the serenity of pink bubbly bliss that is in the realm of Bimbo life. Bambi Sleep is a means in containing onself in the deeply feminine, rapturously orgasmic bliss of non-thinking mindlessness, dissipating any aspects of inner shame and the all too fragile maintenance of masculine dignity; all of which that we sissies share in the absolutism of our very feminised desires.

So now that we understand ways that compel this sissies globalised attraction to Bambi audio hypnosis; a process of bimbofication which exhibits the very sexual ire of sissyhood; escapism, pleasures of inside penetration and looking as well as feeling beautiful. Further to this, we are thus even given a name to which which can finally placte these inner desires that were, and for many continued to be, a source of confusion and insecurity of oneself and their identity. Bambi instead adopts those otherly aspects of us, cutting a clearer and thicker line between our sexual identities, and our worldly identity. Whether those two persona’s of an individual could be polar opposites or broadly similar in many aspects, the clarification of ones identity having fused it with Bambi’s ultra feminine bimbo persona is a largely liberating means of self understanding and compassion. A popular example is that of an average everyday man with a hidden sissification fetish, now sissification is no longer entangled into a confusing and inconsistent arousal that disturbs his inner male persona, but instead adopts its own individiuality under the indentity and name of Bambi.

I hope you all enjoyed reading part one of my Bambi hypnosis examination. So far we have covered the concept and attraction of bimbofication, why it resonates particular to us as sissies as well as us as people in general. I hope that at least many can grab a glimpse of what may have seemed absurd to many people in the beginning, self-inflicted idiocy and willfully worshipping the male genitalia to a point of inviting its many varieties to directly violate the sanctity of our bodies in submission to its superior and immensely pleasurable process in fucking us until were limp and lifeless with white goop of male seed brimming all the way up the ring of our gaping sissy assholes. There’s seemingly so much that is perfect in incorporating Bambi into our feminisation regimens. But whilst these wonderful idealisations of attaining true pleasure and self identity may hold strong in spirit, the practice of Bambi’s hypnosis entails a much fragile reality that must also be as equally and critically respected. Join us short in part two where we explore the inner machinations that make Bambi as an audio hypnotic function so powerfully, and will finally analyse the effects, the consequences, the potentialities and in the end the way in which Bambi Audio hypnosis must be approached in the most mentally ideal and positive means.

Kisses xoxo

3 Most Important Rules For Achieving Sissygasm!

3 Most Important Rules For Achieving Sissygasm!

1) Mood



To cum like a girl, it is absolutely necessary to look and feel entirely like a girl. An unequivocal sense of feminine submission and a burning desire to have your pussy filled and bred with semen ASAP. This is not as straightforward as it sounds though, as any sense of masculine feeling (particularly shame or doubt) will completely intrude on your feminised girly persona and immediately ruin your chances of sissygasm.

This is because of the fact that a sissygasm is primarily a mental effort, so it’s extremely important for your mood and excitement to be at 100%, with no sense of hesitation whatsoever. Therefore, spend the day dressed up, looking at captions, yearning for cock whilst behaving and thinking entirely like a girly girl. Do not touch your clitty for a few days prior. Edging is only helpful if done prior to proper abstinence (to build up cummy pressure) but you still need a few days of absolutely no clitty touching to really sensitise your girly parts. But sometimes this might not always be enough, as we can’t always tell our brains how to feel and expect it to follow suit. In this case, hypnosis is your answer. Spend a couple of hours meditating and trancing to sissy hypnosis. I recommend Bambi Sleep as the ultimate girl maker, as it prompts you to develop a girly alter ego with powerful subliminal effects that WILL definitely transform you into a cock dumb bimbo slut right there and then.

2) Setting



It’s extremely important that during your “me time” all attention is focused solely on the sensations your feeling back there, in order to build up enough levels of pleasure and sissy arousal. Therefore a comfortable setting to play is imperative! Any disturbances, especially when you’re close to reaching sissy bliss, will not only cease your ability to orgasm but also divert your attention just enough to ruin your chances and steal your mood away. In addition, being in a comfortable position where you can thrust your daddy toy hard and long without tiring is also crucial, as reaching sissygasm is a game of persistence and rhythm and could stretch for hours.

Therefore, plan ahead for your sissy session making sure that there will be no unwanted visits, disturbances or anything else that can be a source of anxiety. Don’t expect to reach orgasm if half of your mind is preoccupied on whether your wife or parents are gonna come home soon etc. It also helps to turn your phone off or put it on airplane mode so your normal life doesn’t make an unwelcome intrusion. The aim is to feel completely relaxed, safe and away from your worldly responsibilities for a while so you can focus solely on your sissy self to indulge in a much needed “girl time”.

3) Focus On Nothing But Your Fuck Hole


This rule is the most important, and also often the culprit reason of failure for many girls out there. It is the decisive factor on whether you’ll manage to hit that climax of sissy heaven… or just once again stroke it off in a disappointing but all too familiar state of exhaustion and frustration. So pay attention!

Reaching sissygasm is determined solely by pleasures derived from your butthole (specifically the prostate), of which it is immediately hindered as soon as you avert any attention at all from it (usually by touching your clitty – bad sissy). Therefore, anal fucking yourself should only be done when approached with the right mindset. You absolutely cannot think about and thrust yourself as a means of leading towards sissygasm. You must only just think about the present sensations from being ass fucked. In fact, if you keep thinking about reaching sissygasm, it will just go drift further away from your grasp. Chasing is a no-no, and you must avoid it at all costs. Your focus must solely be directed towards the pleasures of thrusting and being fucked up your whore pussy. When each thrust starts becoming noticeably exhilarating; a series of continuous pangs of slutty blissful ecstasy – you’ll realise that you love nothing more than what you’re feeling in that very present moment. All pleasures will be completely based on your fuck hole, to the point you won’t even care about sissygasm anymore because you’re already in sexual heaven feeling mind numbingly euphoric from each thrust as your gaping ass takes that ruthless, heavenly beating. And then, and only then, will you feel it coming… and you will know.

The crucial part to remember is that during that state of ass smashing ecstasy, you will be tempted to chase the sissygasm. Do not fall for this trap, as it can completely reverse it all. You must only love and focus on boy pussy being smashed, it will truly feel better than any other feeling in the world, and you will be so preoccupied by the intense wave of pure anal bliss by ramming your slutty gaping wet fuckhole. So much so that nothing else in the world will matter. And trust me, once you experience that, no other euphoria will compare.

So why else do you think us sissies become hopelessly addicted anal sluts?

Some Side Notes on Incorporating Drugs


Many girls incorporate some form of chemical assistance. Namely poppers, weed and MDMA. Other substances such as amphetamines, mushrooms, various RC’s are also well liked. Whilst these things can give a boost either to your girly libido or enhance the physical sensations of it, they should only ever be used moderately if at all. Overly using your drugs of choice each time you sissify will create a psychological dependence and will make it difficult to switch on sissy mode without them. It will also set you back in learning how to please your ass without them. Being able to feel anal bliss whilst entirely sober is the purest form of sissy pleasure and sensuality, and means that you’re much better in touch with your pussy. If you will use drugs, only use them as an occasional enhancement. If you find yourself using them too much (particularly poppers), then take a night or two practicising sober – taking your time to mentally engage yourself and rediscover your pleasure spots. Weed and poppers are a generally safer and extremely pleasurable combination. MDMA is generally less safe (dehydration is a huge risk factor) but majorly euphoric and sissygasm inducing. It also makes you a total blowjob whore! But beware, as the magic will disappear very quickly. If you’re going to use it, do it very very occasionally as a special treat, once a couple of months or so. However, the main point to understand is that pleasing yourself sober is the best way to maintain and develop your sissy training, and ultimately in attaining pure sissy bliss.


I hope you enjoyed and learnt enough to be able to go out and find your sissygasm! Have fun and be positive ❤ xoxo

Five Sissy Girl Essentials – What makes the perfect sissy girl?

Five Sissy Girl Essentials – What makes the perfect sissy girl?

Hello girls, SissyGirlSanctuary is back again and is here to stay! Many new exciting content to bring to you all you beautiful sissies to help inspire as well as explore the joyful world of sissyhood!

Today we are going to cover something very important, what are the essential traits that make the perfect sissy girl! Of course, there are many different things that distinguish every type of sissy, but here I would like to focus upon the traits that not only make a girl super pretty, alluring and beautiful, but also those things that make her happy, content and devoted to her feminine self. As we explore these sissy girl essentials, try to count how many of them you share, and those that you could improve on. Help yourself become the best sissy babe you can be!

  1. A Sissy is a Total Slut!


Whore, slut, cumguzzling bitch. A sissy is an entirely sexual entity. Her happiness is dependent solely upon her sexual needs. She isn’t just a girl, she’s a submissive horny slut. She likes to be dominated, used as a vessel for pleasure, and fucked until her asspussy is gaping and wet. She is submissive. An important distinction to understand about a sissy is that she is entirely sexualised. This, infact, is what separates a sissy from crossdressers and trans women, it is the core basis of sissy girl femininity. A sissy is almost a caricature of  feminine lust, wherein girly desires are not only heightened, but intensified to a point of complete sluttyness. And Why is this distinction important? Because the recognition of ones identity creates our purpose, and in fullfilling that purpose we can strive to be a happier and healthier girly girl.

This doesnt mean a sissy isnt a crossdresser, or trans. All identities can be intermixed. This also doesn’t mean that a sissy must be a certain way. Sissy girls come in countlessly different personalities and types; there are cute girly princesses, thirsty shameless whores, part time sluts, secret baby girls, frilly full time gurlies – and so much more. But within every single type of sissy shares a common need to submit and please by being a sissy fuckdoll. A total slut.

2. A Sissy is a Dedicated Crossdresser

Since the female self within is the subject of our sissyhood, it only makes sense that every effort and dedication towards developing our feminine identity is vital towards sissy success! Not only is crossdressing a wonderful hobby shared by sissies and non sissies alike, it is one that requires knowledge and skill and exercises our creative ability. It’s a number one way to understand our feminine identity, how much it means to us individually, and let the girl within manifest herself into something that is beautiful and lustrous. Developing a crossdressing hobby is the greatest way of achieving many benefits, both for our sissy life and personal life. These are:

– Developing an eye for fashion and trends (attractive for any guy or girl)

– Artistic prowess of a makeup queen

– A long term hobby that can never be done wrong, only improved and developed over a period of dedication and aspiration.

– A purpose, or long term goal, to become as passable or sexy as possible. Everybody needs something to strive towards, a clear cut goal. Make your sissy identity the subject of your attainment.

3. A Sissy Loves Who She Becomes


If your sissy times is accompanied with feelings of shame (some shame is part of the fun, too much is a bad sign), guilt or self-loathing, especially after orgasm – then you are not properly in terms with your sissyhood. Sissyhood cannot be a source of self-loathing or negatively impacting ones overall self-esteem. It should do the very opposite. This applies across the field of sissy nature. Whether you yearn to be humiliated, degraded and abused, or revel in the innocent cutesy world of a bimbo girly girl – sissyhood is an experience of overall positivity and inner expression – nothing less.

(More exploration of developing a positive sissy mindfulness can be found here xoxo)

4. Her Hole is Well Trained for Cock

The asspussy is a sissies most important organ. Unlike a females vagina, the asspussy is a lot more sensitive, delicate and, in the bedroom at least, high maintenance. It takes time and experience to properly learn how to please your asspussy, how to keep it ready for use, and most importantly; how to sexually pleasure yourself as much as possible.

Learning where, what and how various parts of our boi pussy is most pleasurable and physically blissful is a matter of experience and training. It could take months, maybe even longer, to properly learn how to make your butthole an sexually receptive organ. Most importantly, anal bliss is primarily attained mentally. This means that true anal ecstasy is developed mostly from transcendental and earth shattering levels of arousal and femininity. Furthermore, a sissygasm is attained from 90% mental and 10% physical effort. This is why sissygasms are not only a sissies primary desire, but also so difficult to achieve. It could take years to experience a sissygasm, and even longer to learn how to do it. A well trained hole is one that is kept by a sissy who is not only physically sensational, but mentally disciplined. She may be sexy, ultra-feminine and exceptionally slutty, but she is also in sexual heaven and knows how to attain levels of sexual pleasure that most people will never even come close to.

5. She lives life with balance, control and confidence!

The perfect sissy girl is the one who is content with who she is, what she does and how she does it. She is not confused, and sissyhood is only a source of enrichment for her life, not one of suffering or confusion. Most importantly of all, a sissy is entirely self accepting. She embraces her sissyhood as an unique, vibrant and personal aspect of her individuality. She has no need, or desire, to suppress this beautiful side of her. She understands that her sexuality is not something that controls her life, its simply an aspect of her life. Thus, she is able to maintain balance, self-discipline and mental wellbeing by exploring the feminine girl deep within her personality. Whether you’re a prissy princess babydoll, or a shameless and filthy cum receptable – your sissy life will always a source of enrichment, happiness and self-discovery.


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Sissy Today!

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Sissy Today!

Credits: 1stGarden

Being a sissy is being part of a broad spectrum of sexuality. Some girls are more hardcore than others, many adopt a sissy lifestyle full time whilst for others enjoy being a sissy as their secret little kink to indulge in during their private time. Many sissies however are unsure if this is what they want or whether being a sissy will cause them harm in the long run. Additionally, some people are browsing sissy hypnos and porn mesmerised by their arousal but remain curious about potentially becoming a sissy. For all these people, this article will be of great help for you to realise that there truly are a lot to achieve and benefit from being a sissy girl slut.

So I’d like to explore the Top 10 reasons why being a sissy is  an absolutely amazing and enriching experience. It is not just a kink to just get you off, but a deeply personal form of sexual expression which comes with it many benefits and privileges that are often overlooked! So here are my Top 10 reasons why you should be a sissy today.

Condensed version with just the points here x

1. Being a sissy is a healthy form of escapism


Escapism is not always a bad thing, and it takes more forms then you might imagine. For example, meditation is a form of escapism likewise with smoking weed or even taking a bath. These are all moments in which you turn off time, shut out the world, and bring your mind at ease by focusing on your personal time. Going deeper, sissies have the benefit of being able to escape the pressures and expectations of masculinity. By taking refuge in your feminine side, you are turning off your male ego and the pressures that come with it. Sissy time allows you to become a different you, it is a form of refuge from the stresses of real life obligations. Simply choosing a night in to dress up and play with yourself is similar to taking a vacation; time away to relax and release. After which, you return feeling more at ease in life and with a clearer mind, this will undoubtedly make your more capable at tackling lifes many obligations.

2) Masochistic Emasculation Could Be a Healthy Emotional Outlet


It’s no secret that a large part of feminisation is masochistic emasculation. We enjoy being fucked, humiliated, called a slut, throat fucked and being treated as a cum dumpster. Whilst for many people these are simply fantasies that are enjoyed during sissy time with their dildos and heavily masochistic hypnos, other sissies enact their fantasies in real life by meeting up with doms and mistresses. When we are being dominated, spanked, slapped, abused, fucked hard and rough – we are being submissive because it makes us feel all the more girly and slutty. The psychological side of forced feminisation and masochism is complex, and whilst indulging overly can be bad, having a healthy masochistic kink is a great way to release your inner most desires and sexual tension. Being dominated is a way to actually take control of your fears and insecurities, turning them instead into sexual desire. This is why many people who grew up with strict dominant mothers develop masochistic fantasies, because they seize their past emotional fears and distress and spin them into a sexual desire. In a sense, being a submissive sissy slut is an emotional outlet, allowing you to take control of your fears and insecurities and turn them into something that sexually pleases you, isn’t that what we’d all like? Of course moderation is key here, insecurities and fears shouldn’t grow with your masochistic sexuality, but become a part of it. This will allow you to be the sissy slut you could be without being detrimental to your mental health. More info on that here.

3) Sissies Get to Experience a Broad World of Sexuality, And Get To Discover the Pleasures of Sex Throughout its Spectrum


Sissies get the benefit of not only being able to enjoy vanilla sex, but our sexuality is open to a world of sexual experience that drive us deep into the most sensual, satisfying and world shattering pleasures that are otherwise missed out by standard hetero guys. We can get pegged by other women, dominated by men and have sissy playtimes too, and when sissy time is over you could go back to standard old vanilla sex no problem at all. The best part is that not only do we get to experience the amazing feeling of males orgasms, but also get to discover the most intense and deeply powerful sissygasm which will change your life. Sissygasms are prostate orgasms and are completely different from standard male orgasms; not only is it many times more powerful, but we can have sissygasms one after another without having to reboot unlike normal boring male orgasming. A sissygasm is simply an indescribable sensation that will absolutely rock your world, and guess what – you’ll never get to experience it if you live your life as a bog standard heterosexual male! Enjoying sissygasms does not require having to fuck another person, its achievable with a dildo or prostate massager and will be more powerful than any orgasm you’ve ever had during vanilla sex. You’ll truly be missing out if you go through life without ever having experienced the pleasure of a sissygasm.

4) Get in Touch With Your Feminine Side


Like ying and yang, every person has a masculine side and a feminine side to a degree. Sissies get to really touch into their inner femininity and thus they get a deeper experience in exploring their own minds and bodies. By being able to express our feminine side we learn more about who we are, learn more about the female gender and experience life in a deeper level. Fashion legend Tom Ford famously said that every man should experience bottoming at least once in his life; “I think it would help them understand women, It’s such a vulnerable position to be in, and it’s such a passive position to be in. And there’s such an invasion, in a way, that even if it’s consensual, it’s just very personal. And I think there’s a psyche that happens because of it that makes you understand and appreciate what women go through their whole life, because it’s not just sexual, it’s a complete setup of the way the world works, that one sex has the ability to literally—and is expected to and is wanted to—but also there’s an invasion. And I think that that’s something most men do not understand at all.” So then, a sissy gets to really delve into their feminine side and experience what it is to be penetrated, entered and submitting their bodies – this is sexually intrinsic and enables us to get in touch with our true selves.

5) Learn About Yourself


This goes hand in hand with getting in touch with your feminine side. Being a sissy means a deep level of self-exploration and if done properly it can be a profoundly enriching experience. A sissy explores her mind as well as her body, learning the things which excite her, yearning to submit and be a happy princess sissy girl. This journey will demand a sissy to truly understand who she is and what she wants in life. She will learn to overcome her insecurities, embracing her weaknesses as a sexual gift. A sissy spends her nights dressing up, learning to apply makeup, practicing female etiquette and when she’s ready she gets a hypno playlist on, maybe some poppers and weed to unwind, and primes up her dildo for a personal sissy love making session. A sissy truly gets to please herself by inserting cock up her ass, finding her spots of pleasure, feeling the sensations of her nipples and achieving a groundbreaking sissygasm which makes her feel like fireworks are taking off inside her belly. Nobody can explore and learn her own body like a sissy can. Remember that thrusting your ass with a big dildo is not enough to achieve a sissygasm, a sissy also must master her mind because a sissygasm is 90% mental and 10% physical. This means that a sissy must practice mindfulness and will have more mental discipline as well as physical capabilities to please herself and be at peace with her identity.

6) Sissies Are Encouraged to Exercise and Keep Fit


Being a sissy means that exercise should be one of your number one priorities! A sissy needs to workout to get a slim girly toned body and look fabulous naked. A sissy should do everything to get a plump feminine bottom, and how else could that be achieved without exercise. Sissyhood is therefore motivation to keep healthy and achieving a beautiful fit body. Whats more is that there are many ways to incorporate exercise during sissy time. You can for example go to the gym with panties on underneath, and even a buttplug and feel like a naughty little slut. You can do exercises with your dildo, for example depicted above pushups and deepthroat training. Bouncing on your dildo cowgirl style is also exercise in itself, but it is also very tiring – so a sissy must keep fit and exercise regularly to build her stamina! Sissies can also take it to the next level by having an entire workout as part of their sissy time using FapRoulettes, learn all about it here. As you can see, being a sissy isn’t only just a sexual fetish, but a lifestyle which requires healthy habits and lots of self-discipline – things that will go on to benefit your normal day to day living!

7) Crossdressing is a Creative Process and Teaches You About Womens Fashion









Being a sissy isn’t just about dressing up in bras and panties and playing with dildo’s. True sissies learn the art of crossdressing; buying wigs, selecting sexy outfits, keeping a smooth body all over, browsing lingerie sections online – these are all creative exercises which will keep a sissy busy for a long time. Crossdressing is a worldwide hobby practiced by many people, and has a very determined fanbase. The desire to be passable gives sissies a solid goal to look to achieve. Even the sissies who aren’t able to shave their bodies can look for ingenius ways to look aesthetically pleasing and smooth by strategically dressing up. Many sissies love to cosplay as their favourite characters too, bringing some naughtiness to their personal hobbies. All this also requires knowledge of womens fashion, and the more you learn the more you develop as a person! A man who understands womens fashion is universally impressive and even somewhat attractive, just look at all the top fashion designers! Therefore, crossdressing is a great part of sissyhood because not only does it inspire creativity, but teaches you important lessons along the way.

8) Develop a Sissy Alter Ego


It is soo much fun making a sissy identity. Choose your girly name, start making accounts in hypno sites, take part in discussions on Reddit, and uploading saucy pictures of yourself to the sissy community to truly express your sissy identity. Having a sissy alter ego gives you an opportunity to leave your current self and experience being a whole new person. When you are dolled up and passionately riding your dildo you will not for a second feel like your normal masculine self, you will be immersed in a whole other sissy persona; one that is girly and giggly and super slutty. Some days you could just come home and dress up for the evening, do your day chores, some tidying, watch a movie or study whilst being in your sissy personality. Being able to switch between the sissy you and the normal you opens doors to lots of fun opportunities. Furthermore, having a sissy alter ego can be a personal place of refuge when normal day to day life grows exhausting and overbearing. Simply give yourself time off to be someone else for the day and when you’re ready to switch back you will do so in a way that reinforces your understanding of your normal self and in turn strengthen your understanding of who you are on a deeper level.

9) Sissies Prioritise Personal Grooming and Hygiene


If a sissy doesn’t regular face cleanse, shower, shave, keep her nails manicured, her skin smooth and moisturised, then she will not be a good sissy. Just like exercise, sissies must always keep a well-disciplined attitude towards personal grooming if she wants to look and feel her best. Stubble can easily ruin a sissies entire look, and body odour is the opposite of feminine! Even the sissies who can’t shave all over will make it a priority to keep their skin looking vibrant and healthy. Being a sissy compels you to really take care of your looks and personal grooming, and this will of course translate into your daily life when your nails are always kept tidy, face is always smooth and clear and your body hair is at least trimmed if not shaved. It is clear that being a sissies makes you more attractive in all fronts!

10) Experience a Vivid Lifestyle Which Will Have an Invaluable Impact on Your Wellbeing!


As you probably gathered by now, being a sissy is not strictly a sexual fantasy, but a spiritual experience which requires the best of your mental discipline, excellence in growing your femininity, developing knowledge on many aspects of life and sexuality and most of all develop a profound new understanding of who you truly are. And with all these things you also get to enjoy the deepest and most intense sexual pleasures that truly enhance your capacity to experience the most intimate of pleasures. Being a sissy CAN positively translate into a happier and healthier life that manifests itself in the end with the most vivid of sexual satisfaction and prowess. Become a sissy today and enjoy a vibarnt, colourful, girly world of self-discovery!


And those are 10 reasons on why you should be a dedicated sissy slut! I hope you enjoyed.

Until next time x

Erotic Imprinting (Deeper exploration of the sissy condition)

Erotic Imprinting (Deeper exploration of the sissy condition)


Hey, today I’m going to share an article which I believe provides an invaluable insight into the complex world of the sissy condition. It concerns ‘Erotic Imprinting’ a sort of innateness which draws us to this feminine pulse. Whilst the article is written more in regards to transitioning, it addresses the thing which most sissies wonder at an early period; “is this sissy thing a real part of who I am” by exploring the way in which our sexual ideals are developed at an early age known as “Imprinting”. This may give you a real reason as to why you’re drawn to being a sissy, and in turn help you in which direction to go.

The link to the article is here:

Erotic Imprinting – Overview

My thoughts:

I’ve been able to quit sissy porn for over over 2 years, but in the end it returned. The fact that it still turns me on tells me that this is part of my sexuality. Whether this is because of porn or natural affinity (I believe a mixture of both) has become irrelevant.

I think we shouldnt ignore the fact that this sissy fetish, for many people, CAN easily become incredibly toxic and damaging to oneself, easily feeding of your self-loathing and exacerbates lack of self-esteem, confidence and happiness. Note that I said ‘very easily’, if you master your self-discipline, realise truly what your sexuality is and in a sense ‘know thyself’ then you can enjoy your sexuality, whatever it may be, without any toxicity and self-loathing.

So in terms of having my erotic ideals imprinted? I’m sure many factors of early age played a key role in why I like to indulge as a sissy here and there, but this is a subject very advanced and complex to delve into right now. Whats important is that you come into terms with your sissyhood, as it is extremely likely that being a sissy is not just a fetish, but something innate or “imprinted” into our identity. This knowledge alone shows that it is not being a sissy which is toxic, but the way we practice it which could make it toxic. Therefore, here are the things every curious sissy should practice in order to stay positive and mentally healthy:

-Know yourself and have your shit together, otherwise this will be toxic instead of healthy, and you’ll never know if this is truly a part of you or not. More detail on this HERE

-Do not indulge unhealthily. Do not “feed” your alternate erotic side. I like to say that “feeding” and “expressing” your sissy side are two different things. Not feeding does not mean “do not masturbate” but simply treat your sexuality in a way in which it is balanced, this is what I’d like to call “expressing”. If you are overly indulging in porn, being addicted to porn, and seeking out more and more ways to get yourself off simply because the things you did previously no longer work – then you are FEEDING and not expressing.

 Feeding is seeking out ever increasingly intense porn or enacting the fantasies in compulsive ways with others. This will strengthen the fantasies and lead to the dopamine-based escalation we see in all porn addictions. Porn is like alcohol, gambling, or any vice, okay in moderation, but unhealthy if it fits a pattern of escalation. Unfortunately, today’s porn is very powerful and is more like meth than alcohol. Not only can it lead to wasting lots of time, it can shift sexual tastes.

Porn is not inherently bad, I love sissy porn and I even view some sissy hypnos out there to be a work of art. But it CAN be harmful, and just like drugs and alcohol, it could become detrimental without moderation. Treat porn as you would drugs and alcohol, do not overly indulge and abuse.

-At the same time, only indulge as much as you’re comfortable with and do not overstep if you know you will regret it. If you’re at peace with sucking numerous cocks from craigslist or getting spitroasted by two strangers, then by all means carpe diem. But if you know that your normal self will regret it as soon as you’re no longer horny, then turn off the porn, cancel those Craigslist emails and maintain self-control. Numerous amounts of sissies went to meet men and chickened out in the last minute, or they just didn’t enjoy the experience at all (or were even traumatised by it). This is because they are fundamentally uncomfortable with it despite being horny about it at a certain point in time. This leads to a downward spiral of depression and self-loathing. Know what your personal limits are and do not over-step them.

-To clarify the above point, over-stepping your personal boundaries and exploring new experiences are different things. If you are going to explore a new experience, assess the ways in which this experience will benefit you and open your mind. Make sure you are truly comfortable with the idea and ascertain whether your future self will be comfortable with it too. Of course, it is difficult to ascertain what your future self would feel about something – but we all have an innate understanding of what will please us in the long run so make sure this is a part of it. This is what seperates sissies who “regret” their first experience and sissies who absolutely loved them, they simply knew it was something that they truly wanted!

I hope this was an eye-opening and informative read for some. I understand this may not apply to all so please do not get offended if you feel this doesn’t resonate with you and feel free to share your own understandings on the matter.

Take care x

Does being a sissy make you feel low and ashamed? Here is the solution!

Does being a sissy make you feel low and ashamed? Here is the solution!


As my first post here I’d like to address one thing that I see a lot of when people discuss sissyhood and feminisation. Often people who are new to this fetish are unsure about whether this is truly who they are or not. Whats worse is that a lot of hypnos, blogs and captions often perpetuate the idea that “You will never be a man”, “this is who you are”, “face it sissy” and go even more hardcore with “you are a pathetic faggot”, “you will never please women” and “you’re nothing but a cumdumpster” etc. Whilst all these things may apply to some people, it certainly doesn’t apply to all – and it’s these ideas which bring up feelings of shame and low self-esteem which then manifests into depression, addiction and perhaps even gender dysphoria.

Whilst I don’t believe these phrases are inherently bad, they serve an important purpose which is in making us feel submissive, slutty and of course GIRLY. But on the other hand, if these things aren’t perceived in the correct and healthy way, it could be a source of self loathing and misery for many new or curious sissies.

Which is why I’d like to share what I believe will truly cure any feelings of shame and resentment for a healthy and indulgent sissy mind. By following this advice, you may learn that being a sissy is your true deep desire, or merely just a personal expression of sexuality OR you may even realise that it is not for you at all.

So here is the solution to overcoming guilt and shame:

If you are ashamed of being a sissy then quitting cold turkey will NEVER work. You will find yourself repressing and coming back time and again. The only way you’ll be able to live freely and happily either with or without this side of yours is by knowing who you are and what is best for you. The ONLY way this can be achieved is simple; have your shit together. If you have a life that you are satisfied with, then you will know what your desires are, and only then will you be able to understand if you’re using sissy porn as a crutch or an expression of your sissyhood.

Love your sissy self

Being a sissy is a very intense experience, it is not for the weak-minded or weak-willed as it can prey on your insecurities and will undoubtedly hurt you in the end. If you have little to no insecurities, then it will not grow with this fetish, you will simply be able to embrace the submissive sexiness of it all. If you’re genuinely insecure about not being a man or even a worthy human; then being told you’re nothing but a cocksucking cumdumpster who will never attract women will in the long run hurt your self esteem and make you more miserable.

But, if you have your shit together, if you are happy with who you are – then you will be able to live happily with or without this fetish. If you are confident in real life, not shy or lonely – then this kink cannot hurt you but live harmoniously with your private life. If you are not insecure about the possibility of being bisexual, then the sissy fetish cannot make your go crazy questioning yourself. Most importantly, ff you are not hopelessly addicted to porn, then you will not hate yourself whenever you do engage in your sissy side with volition instead of giving into uncontrollable urges which will make you feel weak and inadequate.

So in a nutshell, actively address the problems you have in real life. Work on being productive, sociable, confident, happy and most importantly learn self-discipline. Teach yourself not to masturbate whenever you’re feeling down. If you have porn addiction, break the addiction immediately – this alone will show you that you have a lot of strength and it will resonate with other aspects of your life. Start actively working towards having your life together, as this fetish is not for the weak willed or weak hearted who will only enjoy themselves when masturbating and hate themselves outside in their real lives. If you have your shit together, then you will be able to happily dip into your sissy side occasionally without it impacting your real life happiness.

The most important part is this though; once you do have your shit together it will make it so much easier to really understand whether this fetish is for you. If you are in a happier place, and no longer need your sissy side as a form of escape – then you will finally get to realise whether you truly enjoy being a sissy or not. Who knows, maybe you’ll realise being a sissy is your life’s dream and you’ll happily be able to truly delve into it OR, like me, you see it as a mere sexual kink which you enjoy in your own time here and there without being insecure about it. On the flip side, you might realise this fetish isn’t for you at all and quit altogether, this will will be very easy since you no longer need porn and feminisation as a crutch.