How To Pose Like a Sissy – Feminisation Tips!

Being a sissy means being able to look sexy and arouse the excitement of others. Therefore, when a sissy takes pictures, she does it with an “attract-potential-mates” attitude. Furthermore, a sissy is not a sole concept – sissies come in many different types and styles. Learn to correctly present yourself in a way which represents the type of girl you truly are!

Many girls aren’t able to show themselves off in the most effective and feminising ways! Making these key mistakes during your sissy photoshoot is the main reason why you aren’t getting the attention you deserve.

Most sissies aren’t passable, and that’s okay. Because even the most beautiful sissies and tgirls aren’t obviously passable, but they remain stunning in their own right. With this in mind, remember that you don’t need to be passable to be attractive. These techniques will make 90% of sissies look girly and sexually arousing. I make this statement assuming that everyone who follows these steps already made sure to be smooth all over, with girly attire and a wig for good measure.

Today you will learn how to take girly pics like a pro, and look as feminine as possible using MTF crossdressing techniques and advice. This is important for girls who truly care about sissification and presentation, and is significant for representing the type of girl you are.

Remember to also read Part 2: On how to look smooth if you can’t shave all over.

1) Lighting is key!

The most important tool for sissies to take girly pics which flatter their femininity the best way possible. Lighting is the best way to highlight your best assets and make your feminisation more effective.  It is also KEY for demonstrating commitment towards the smaller details and her devotion towards being a girl.

Observe the way in which she uses lighting to highlight how flawlessly smooth she is. Her lingerie is shown off better as her black lace is contrasted against the bright lighting. Take note of how she makes her hourglass figure more prominent by using lighting and shadows that present her curves in a accentuating way.
Lighting can be used creatively too! A dimly lit room doesn’t have to ruin your photoshoot. Take note of how she uses darkness to make the whole thing seem lustful and alluring. Light is used to tease us and arouse our curiosity while she stands away from our view; but her sissy cock is flaunted directly at us! Shadows became the perfect tool to accentuate a specific asset. In this case, her sissyness was highlighted in a way that is creative, deviant and glamourising  for sissy appeal. This girl uses shock factor to really attract attention and make guys cocks swell up in a matter of seconds!
  • Use lighting to bring out the best of your most feminine assets
  • Remember that lighting is key in making your outfits better presented and body more attractive
  • Natural lighting is often better for showing off your skin, and give you a more innocent/natural look. Whilst artificial lighting could allow you, by using lamps, to fine tune which aspects of your body you want to make more prominent and least prominent.
  • Use your individual situation to your advantage! Darkness, colours, shadows, contrasts and many other factors can be used effectively and make you more attractive in any given circumstance (although having plenty of outfit options will make this more so).
  • Be creative with lighting and watch your photography skills develop alongside your sluttification prowess!

2) Angle your pics above eye level for the best selfies and body shots.

This is an extremely important aspect to consider and is usually the prime cause for ruining your pics by making them more masculine, unattractive or flat out bland. It’s a bit more tricky as there isn’t a single rule and there’s loads of things to factor in. However, the main idea is that you should angle your pics above eye level to boost your prettiness and make your body more curvy and feminine.

Jane Marie takes a selfie above eye-level, her body is made to look more sexy and femme. Her boobs are particularly shown off as we gaze at them from above. Sexy, casual, effortless and perfect!
The most experienced and skilfull crossdressers often use above body angles to increase femininity. Photos that face downwards are key in making shoulders less broad, gives you a tighter more feminine body and presents you in a better and more sissified nature.
  • Always remember to consider your angling.
  • Aim to take pictures that face downwards towards your body, this highlights your curves, hides any masculine traits and is terrifically sexualising.
  • This way of angling is also key in eliminating double chin looks and makes your eyes look more bigger. If you are a sissy that hides her face, you will find that your boobs and butt is way more curvy and tighter when shown from above!

3) Position your shoulders away from the camera.

Sissies, crossdressers and transgender girls alike are all commonly blighted with broad shoulders which is often what gives off the most masculine vibe from our natural bodies. Manipulate the position of your shoulders specifically to minimise its appearance as well as boost your femininity.



  • Broad shoulders are often the first culprit that gives off masculinity.
  • Position your shoulders away from the camera to make them look less broad. This will instantly make you more girly!
  • Click on each girl to note how they positioned their shoulders to create a particular effect in feminisation

4) Avoid looking stiff and awkward with straight poses. Experiment with angles and positioning!

There are endless ways to pose for your sissy photoshoots, but the best poses are always made with curves in mind. Straight presentation = no curves. Eliminate masculinising traits by avoiding this common mistake; posing with a straight and stiff presentation!!

Accentuate your curves with the right positions. This doggy style pose makes your butt rounder, girly and bigger!
There are countless ways to present your ass! It is, after all, what you want to invite people with and inside of. Always present your ass with girly fervour, never make it seem stiff and flat by posing straight! Remember that your hole is the aim of the game for your audience.
Play with your arms and legs, hips and consider the way your head is tilted to make your body softer, girlier and more playful (and inviting).
Use your surroundings to your advantage. Also, lifting up one leg is a great way to instantly make you look more prissy and playful!
  • Be creative with your different body parts!
  • Never present yourself with straight and stiff posing. This makes your body more flat, awkward and masculine.
  • Bending your arms and legs, tilting your face, showing off your hips and hiding your shoulders are the main things to play with when striking a sexy pose!
  • Sissification is imminent if you use many different poses, and you can show off the type of girl you are by the appropriate etiquette. Standing ready in position? Show it off! You want to be a cute girly princess? Lift one leg and tilt your head back! Just want to show off your full and round sissy ass? Bend over like the slutty queen you are.
  • Closed knees often represent innocent and cute girlies as well as sophisticated and/or conservative sissies. Open legs in contrast are for being openly slutty and whore-ish type sissies. Remember your sissy personality can be shown with specific positions accordingly.

5) Be engaged, immerse yourself and embrace your inner girl/slut!

Whether you just want to look passable and pretty, cute and playful or slutty and excitable – it will never seem convincing unless you’re truly engaged and committed in feeling like a true girly gurl!

She’s a sexy queen and she knows it. Be proud, and your glamorous beauty will present itself.
Have fun, be a slutty inspiration! Follow your sissy role models. Keep cum and cock in your mind always.
Alternatively, show off to the world the true princess they’ve been missing out on. Let your out the girly girl within! There are few things in life that are as satisfying as being able to embrace how truly beautiful and illustrious you are when you become the sissy within!
  • Immerse yourself in your girly personality!
  • Show off who you are, whether thats a passable beauty, a bimbo doll, a slutty cockwhore queen or an adorable princess girly gurl. It’s all shown in your attitude and personality!
  • Just have fun. Enjoy being feminine, even if it’s just for this moment or night. Photoshoots are part of the fun. Giving a feminine impression and looking as sexy as possible is done best when you truly engage in your sissy excitement!
  • If you’re not feeling it, you will not radiate confidence and playfulness – and this will show! When taking pics, do it with commitment and effort! Let yourself be a girl, and you will be able to present yourself with girly style and feminising flare!

Read Part 2: On how to look smooth if you can’t shave all over, exploring the important areas and methods of presentation to make you look hairless when you aren’t!


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